The 7 Best Custom Jigsaw Puzzles: Personalize Your Puzzle for a Special Occasion

custom jigsaw puzzles

Custom jigsaw puzzles have become increasingly popular over the years, but which are the best? With so many websites offering custom jigsaw puzzles, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is the best. In this article, we will discuss some of the top websites that offer the best custom jigsaw puzzles.

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Which websites offer the best custom jigsaw puzzles?

1. is a website dedicated solely to jigsaw puzzles. They offer a wide variety of pre-made puzzles, but their custom puzzle option stands out. Customers can upload their own photo or image and choose the size and shape of their puzzle pieces. The website also offers a preview function, so customers can see how their puzzle will turn out before placing an order.

2. is another popular website for custom jigsaw puzzles. They offer a range of puzzle sizes and shapes, as well as the option to add text or borders to your puzzle. The website also has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to upload their desired image and customize their puzzle.

3. is known for its wide range of customizable photo products, including custom jigsaw puzzles. Customers can choose from different puzzle sizes and designs and can personalize their puzzle with photos, text, and even a gift box. Shutterfly also offers competitive pricing and frequent sales.

4. offers high-quality custom jigsaw puzzles made from premium materials. Customers can choose from various puzzle sizes and piece counts, as well as the option to add a border or text to their puzzle. The website also offers a unique “magnetic puzzle” option, where customers can stick their puzzle pieces on any magnetic surface.

5. offers a range of customizable photo gifts, including custom jigsaw puzzles. Customers can choose from different puzzle sizes and piece counts, as well as the option to add text or borders to their puzzle. The website also has a simple and straightforward design process, making it easy for customers to create their personalized puzzle.

6. offers a wide selection of custom jigsaw puzzles, including standard and panoramic sizes. Customers can personalize their puzzle with photos, text, and various design templates. The website also has various shipping options, making it convenient for customers to receive their puzzle in a timely manner.

7. offers customizable photo puzzles in various sizes and shapes, including heart-shaped and round puzzles. Customers can choose from different design templates or create their own custom puzzle. The website also provides a preview option, allowing customers to see what their puzzle will look like before ordering.

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How to Personalize Your Custom Jigsaw Puzzle?

When it comes to personalizing your custom jigsaw puzzle, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

1. Choose Your Photos

Start by selecting a collection of special photos that hold meaning for the recipient. These could be family photos, memories from vacations, or pictures from a significant event in their life. Opt for high-resolution images to ensure the best quality when printed on the puzzle.

2. Add a Personal Message

Consider adding a personal message or a heartfelt quote to your custom puzzle. This extra touch of sentimentality can make the puzzle even more meaningful for the recipient. Take into account the occasion and the recipient’s preferences to come up with the perfect message that will touch their heart.

3. Select Puzzle Size and Difficulty

Custom puzzles come in various sizes and difficulty levels. Choose a size that suits the recipient’s preferences and the available space for puzzle-solving. Additionally, consider the recipient’s puzzle-solving skills when selecting the difficulty level. You want to provide a challenge without making it too frustrating or overwhelming.

4. Customize the Puzzle Box

To complete the personalized experience, don’t forget about the puzzle box. Some custom puzzle providers allow you to design the puzzle box as well. Add photos or personalized messages on the box to make it a cohesive and memorable package. This attention to detail enhances the overall gift experience.

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Perfect Occasions for Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Custom jigsaw puzzles are versatile gifts suitable for a wide range of special occasions. Here are some occasions where a custom puzzle can make an unforgettable gift:

1. Birthdays and Anniversaries

Make birthdays and anniversaries extra special by surprising your loved ones with a custom jigsaw puzzle featuring their favorite memories. It’s a thoughtful way to celebrate their special day and create lasting memories that they can revisit whenever they want.

2. Weddings and Engagements

Custom jigsaw puzzles are a unique gift idea for couples getting married or engaged. You can select photos of the couple or design a puzzle featuring their names and wedding date. It’s a wonderful keepsake that captures the essence of their love story and becomes a symbol of their unity.

3. Graduations and Achievements

Celebrate the accomplishments of your friends or family members with a custom puzzle that highlights their achievements. It could be a puzzle showcasing their graduation photo or a collage of their accomplishments throughout the years. It’s a meaningful way to acknowledge their hard work, dedication, and the milestones they have reached.

4. Holidays and Family Gatherings

Custom puzzles are perfect for holiday gifts and family gatherings. Create a puzzle featuring memorable moments from past gatherings or photos of loved ones who may not be present. It adds a playful element to the celebrations, brings everyone together, and strengthens family bonds.

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In Summary

A custom jigsaw puzzle is a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. It allows you to create a personalized experience that captures special memories and brings lasting joy. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other special occasion, a custom puzzle is sure to bring smiles and create cherished moments. So why settle for a generic present when you can give the gift of a custom jigsaw puzzle and make a special occasion even more memorable?

If you don’t feelike the extra work of customising a jigsaw puzzle, you could always take a look at the most popular jigsaw puzzles available on Amazon right now.


1. Why should I choose a custom jigsaw puzzle as a gift?

A custom jigsaw puzzle is a unique gift that stands out from typical presents. It allows you to personalize the puzzle with your own photos, designs, and messages, making it a one-of-a-kind gift that shows your thoughtfulness and how much the recipient means to you.

2. How can I personalize my custom jigsaw puzzle?

There are several ways to personalize your custom jigsaw puzzle. You can choose your favorite photos, add personalized messages or quotes, and even select the level of difficulty. This level of personalization makes the puzzle a truly special and meaningful gift.

3. What are the benefits of giving a custom jigsaw puzzle?

Giving a custom jigsaw puzzle provides not only a fun activity but also a relaxing one that engages the mind. It brings an extra level of excitement to the recipient as they piece together familiar images and memories. Additionally, the puzzle becomes a cherished keepsake that holds sentimental value, serving as a constant reminder of a special occasion or treasured memory.

4. What are some occasions suitable for custom jigsaw puzzles?

Custom jigsaw puzzles are suitable for a wide range of special occasions. They can be given as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, graduations, achievements, holidays, and family gatherings. They add a personal touch and create lasting memories for the recipients.

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