Explore the 7 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands of 2024

best jigsaw puzzle brands

When it comes to jigsaw puzzles, the brand you choose can make a big difference in your puzzle experience. Some brands are known for their high-quality materials and unique designs, while others offer budget-friendly options. But what really makes a jigsaw puzzle brand stand out?

What Makes a Good Jigsaw Puzzle Brand?

One key factor is the quality of the materials used. The best jigsaw puzzle brands use thick and sturdy cardboard or chipboard to ensure that the puzzle pieces are durable and easy to handle. They also use high-quality paper with a smooth finish for better image clarity.

Another important aspect is the design of the puzzle pieces. A good jigsaw puzzle brand will use unique and irregular puzzle piece shapes, also known as “whimsies”, to add an extra element of challenge and fun to the puzzle. This also makes it easier to distinguish between pieces and find their correct place in the puzzle.

Of course, the image itself is also a crucial aspect of a jigsaw puzzle brand. The best brands offer a wide range of themes and images, from stunning landscapes to famous artwork. They also use high-resolution printing techniques for clear and vibrant images that are enjoyable to piece together.

Finally, a good jigsaw puzzle brand will also offer a variety of puzzle sizes and difficulty levels to cater to different preferences and skill levels. This not only makes it more accessible for puzzlers of all ages and abilities, but also adds variety and replay value.

The 7 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands on Amazon

1. Ravensburger

Ravensburger Northern Lights
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Known for their high-quality materials and unique puzzle piece shapes, Ravensburger is a top choice among jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts.

2. White Mountain Puzzles

White Mountain Puzzles Readers Paradise
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With a focus on nostalgia and Americana themes, White Mountain Puzzles offers charming and detailed images that are fun to assemble.

3. Buffalo Games

Buffalo Games Winter Reading Nook
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From photorealistic landscapes to licensed pop culture images, Buffalo Games offers a diverse selection of puzzles with varying levels of difficulty.

4. Ceaco

Ceaco Beach Diner Jigsaw Puzzle
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With collaborations with popular artists and brands, Ceaco offers unique and visually stunning puzzles that are both challenging and beautiful.

5. Springbok Puzzles

Springbok's Sweet Tooth Jigsaw Puzzle
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As one of the oldest puzzle manufacturers in the US, Springbok Puzzles is known for their high-quality images and clever puzzle piece shapes.

6. Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill Harvest Time Jigsaw Puzzle
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This Canadian brand specializes in 1000-piece puzzles with beautiful illustrations, making them perfect for framing once completed.

7. EuroGraphics

Eurographics Airplance Jigsaw Puzzle
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With a focus on educational and cultural themes, EuroGraphics offers a wide range of puzzles that are not only fun to assemble, but also informative.

Why not make your own custom jigsaw puzzle for that special someone? Check out our reviewed lists for the best customer puzzles, as well as the best jigsaw puzzle tables.

So whether you’re a serious puzzler or just looking for a fun activity to pass the time, these 7 jigsaw puzzle brands are sure to provide hours of entertainment. Time to grab your favorite brand and get ready to piece together some beautiful images! Happy puzzling!

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